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Nokia to Offer Qt Under LGPL Licensing
Nokia announces that its Qt cross-platform user interface and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under LGPL (Lesser General Public License) Version 2.1 starting with the release of Qt 4.5, scheduled for March 2009. Nokia officials said the move to LGPL licensing will provide open-source and commercial developers with more permissive licensing than GPL and thus increase flexibility for developers.
- Nokia has announced that its Qt cross-platform user interface and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 starting with the release of Qt 4.5, scheduled for March 2009. Previously, Qt, pronounced “cute,” had been...

Google Creates Open-Source App Engine Project for Exporting Blog Content
Google unveils the open-source Blog Converters project for federating the exchange of data between blogging platforms, including Blogger, MoveableType, WordPress and LiveJournal. Blog Converters is just one facet of a fundamental shift from siloed Web sites, which lock users in to their services, to a more boundless Web, where users can liberally migrate their data from one Web site to the next.
- While Web services providers are still hashing out how to securely open up their walled gardens to let their users share data with other Web sites, Google extended this notion to bloggers, an integral part of the Web 2.0 ecosystem. Google Jan. 9 unveiled the Google Blog Converters project, an o...

Hot Open-Source Projects for Enterprise Use
A Palamida survey lists the top 25 open-source projects for enterprises. The survey indicates that organizations view security as a key factor to consider when adopting open-source technology. The 25 top projects represent secure, stable open-source implementations. In addition, Ingres' CEO offers his predictions for open source in 2009.
- With the economy in a recession, enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs without giving up functionality. And with that in mind, many companies are looking at open-source software as a way to possibly save money. Palamida, which makes software for analyzing open-source code, h...

Red Hat Launches New Maintenance Service
Red Hat has announced a new software maintenance service for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), known as Extended Update Support (EUS). This allows customers to standardize on one RHEL environment for up to 18 months.
- Red Hat has launched a new software maintenance service, Extended Update Support. Company officials said the new service offers customers extended service level support and cost savings by allowing them to standardize on one Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment for up to 18 months. That is up to...

IBM Lotus Strategist Sees Linux on Netbooks Making Inroads vs. Windows in 2009
Linux and open source will start to chip away at Microsoft Windows desktop software thanks to their popularity on netbooks, those ultralight, low-cost laptops. IBM Lotus strategy director predicts this as a major trend in 2009, as well as the proliferation of messaging and collaboration technologies asa function of UCC, SAAS, cloud computing, enterprise social networks and Web services.
- With just a little over two weeks to go until the New Year, technology strategists and pundits are revving their prognostication engines to predict what 2009 will usher in. But unlike the last handful of years or so, the economic environment is dreadful, with thousands of high-tech layoffs by ...

Microsoft and Open Source: The Song Remains the Same
Microsoft has appointed a new point man to put a face on its interaction with the open source community. That man, Robert Duffner, takes on a big task as senior director of Platform and Open Source Software strategy at Microsoft. His IBM and BEA roots will help him place his mark on the Microsoft strategy, but the core message remains the same.
- NEW YORK -- Microsoft has a new open source point man to promote the software giant's interaction with the open source community. Robert Duffner has taken over the role of senior director of Platform and Open Source Software strategy at Microsoft. Sam Ramji held that role for awhile until relinq...

Open Source Matures
In this IT Link podcast hosted by Mike Vizard, the community leader for Novell's Open SUSE operating system, Joe Zonker Brockmeier, explains the crucial role that vendors are now playing in helping the open-source software development model mature.
- Audio Podcast Content....

LiMo Says Vodafone's Android Support Shouldn't Fragment the Mobile Linux Space
Vodafone's membership in the Google-led Open Handset Alliance isn't necessarily a bad thing for the LiMo Foundation, which makes an open-source mobile operating system based on Linux that some see as vying for smartphone supremacy with Google's Android mobile and wireless stack. LiMo's Morgan Gillis says overlap among Android, LiMo and Symbian camps is par for the course as they combat Windows Mobile, RIM and the Apple iPhone.
- When the Open Handset Alliance said it gained 14 new members Dec. 9, some industry watchers cocked an eyebrow at the participation of Vodafone. Google created OHA (Open Handset Alliance) in November 2007 to encourage the proliferation of smartphones based on the Google's open-source Android m...

eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Upgrading to Fedora 10
eWEEK Labs has been testing Fedora 10, the latest version of the community-supported Linux-based operating system that serves as a technology proving ground for future Red Hat software products. Here is a rundown on upgrading from Fedora 9 to the current version using the distribution's handy preupgrade tool.
- ...

Fedora 10 a Solid Linux Choice for Workstations, Development Servers
The latest version of Fedora, the Linux-based operating system, gives users a peek at what they can expect to see in future Linux distributions from Red Hat and other vendors. Fedora 10 offers a broad security framework and new audit capabilities, and gives Linux enthusiasts a good way to upgrade from Fedora 9. However, those who use the Linux-based OS shouldn't expect any support from Red Hat.
- Fedora 10 is the latest version of the community-supported, Linux-based operating system that serves as the proving ground for future Red Hat software products. As a result, Fedora offers organizations and individuals early access to the state of the art in the Linux and open-source world. For i...

Black Duck Dispels Top Five Open-Source Myths
Black Duck Software taps its vast knowledge base to identify and dispel five myths regarding open-source development. The myths range from open source is just source code to GPL Version 3 is being ignored.
- Black Duck Software has set out to debunk some of the leading quot;myths quot; about open-source software development, including the belief that open-source developers have created only a few billion lines of code. Black Duck, which provides products and services for accelerating software deve...

eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex
Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems available, a distinction due, in large measure, to Ubuntu's excellent software management facilities. One area in which the system demonstrates its software dexterity is in its support for in-place upgrades between versions. Click on for a walk-through of our experience upgrading Ubuntu 8.04 to the latest release, Ubuntu 8.10, called Intrepid Ibex.
- ...

Ubuntu Remains Best Linux Distribution for Desktops
The latest version of Canonicals Linux distribution, Ubuntu 8.10, still outshines the Linux desktop offerings from Red Hat and Novell, and is the best open-source alternative to Microsoft and Apple operating systems. However, both Red Hats Enterprise Linux and Novells SUSE distributions are ahead of Ubuntu 8.10 in the server space.
- Canonical's Ubuntu 8.10, the latest version of the popular Linux-based operating system for desktops and servers, hit the Internet in early November bearing a modest assortment of updates to the open-source software components that compose it. Based on my tests of Ubuntu 8.10 which is more fanciful...

Microsoft Pushes Interoperability at ApacheCon
Sam Ramji, Microsoft's open-source point man, promotes the company's efforts in the areas of interoperability and open-source software at the Apache Software Foundation's ApacheCon conference. In a keynote at the event, Ramji discusses various Microsoft interoperability efforts involving partnerships with WSO2, HBase, AMQP and the company's Oslo modeling technology.
- In a keynote at the ApacheCon conference of open-source developers and users, Sam Ramji, senior director of platform strategy at Microsoft, outlined a series of new moves the software giant has made regarding interoperability as it continues to make nice with the open-source community. At the Ap...

IBM, Sun Deliver OpenSolaris Prototype for IBM Mainframes
IBM and Sun Microsystems deliver a prototype of OpenSolaris running on the IBM System z mainframe, with the help of a consultancy named Sine Nomine Associates.
- IBM and Sun Microsystems have made good on a promise to make open source code from the OpenSolaris operating system available on IBM System z mainframes. Enlisting the help of Sine Nomine Associates, a consultancy out of Ashburn, Va., IBM and Sun on Nov. 3 announced the availability of OpenSola...

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